Global Reach

We at NMK Holdings have identified and satisfied our international stakeholders with our wide range of products and services for more than 15 years. We assure our international stakeholders that our products and services are with excellent quality with international standard certifications of ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAAL, GMP and Organic certifications. Our diversified product ranges of Edible oils, Fats and Margarine has the capability of suiting your requirements with exceptional results to increase your productivity.

As the central hub of Asia the benefits of timely product delivery without any hassle is one of the key components which makes NMK Holdings not only providing superior quality products but also excellent customer experiences. Further as a socially, economically responsible entity we also look for your well being as a global network, we have also provided you with the knowledge of quality of our products, the health benefits and especially we can also deliver you with innovative products according to the customer requirement. The delightful experience that we offer to you will be an unbelievable advantages in developing your country and as well as your business.