Cherubium Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Marina is the flagship brand of Cherubium Lanka (Pvt) Limited, a fully Sri Lankan owned company. Its primary business focus is to supply the domestic market with high quality edible oil, fats and margarine to consumers, bakery trade, industrialists and hotel and restaurants.

Using internationally accepted physical refining processes for crude vegetable oil refining, Marina products are guaranteed free from harmful chemicals and its further assured to be Trans-Free and consumer safe with high nutrition value.

We continuously strive to  succeeded in the domestic market by being the preferred choice of consumers and customers looking for any edible oil based product of high quality, safe in use and delivering value for money through providing adequate knowledge about the nutrition values of edible oils, production processes and providing the correct product to the customer need.

Our main intention is to build a healthy and strong nation with consumer safer premium quality products to our stakeholders.

This is also strived through our continuous awareness given on healthy living lifestyles to our stakeholders by developing new products which are assured product safe, health  via maintaining stringent manufacturing processes and via constantly attuning to consumers and customer needs and innovatively delivering the requirements, through continuous research and development with international process certifications.

The company adopts environmentally friendly manufacturing processes which are consumer safe and socially responsible, supported by ultra-modern laboratory facilities to ensure product safety and quality conformance and followed by attaining to the green concept.

Marina product manufacturing facilities have internationally accepted ISO 22000/HACCP/GMP and Halaal certifications.



Our product portfolio:

  • Marina Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Marina Physically Refined Coconut Oil
  • Marina Cooking Oil - Physically Refined Palm Olien
  • Marina Sunflower Oil
  • Marina Soya Bean Oil
  • Marina Vegetable Ghee
  • Marina Fat Spread
  • Marina Premium Cake Margarine
  • Marina Super Cake Margarine
  • Marina Pastry Margarine
  • Marina General Purpose Margarine
  • Marina Bread Fat
  • Marina Frying Fat
  • Marina Biscuit Dough Fat
  • Marina Ice cream fat
  • Marina Icing Sugar
  • Marina Pan release agent
  • Yeast